Well hello there!

Howdy!  I am so glad you have joined me here!  Let me tell you a little about me, my family, and what you’ll be reading about around here.

I am a southern California girl that has been transplanted to the South!  I am a wife, mama, daughter, sister, and friend.  Oh, and now a blogger.

My husband and I have been married for close to ten years, and we have 3 boys and a girl, currently 6 and under, that we home school.  Life is noisy, messy, and fun here in our little house in the city.

My hope for this blog is to show you Jesus, give some encouragement, show you how we do things here, and maybe make you laugh.  I don’t have a certain topic I want to talk about all the time, but hope to cover a little bit of homeschooling, mama things, marriage, and a whole lot of Jesus.

I hope you will come visit from time to time, and watch as our little family does this adventure called life.


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