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Learning to help

We had company over last night for dinner.  I don’t know what your house looks like on a regular basis, but mine is rarely “company ready.”  So, we cleaned up before they arrived.  Now, this has to be done in near perfect timing: soon enough that we are not still cleaning when they arrive, but not so early that we have to re-clean what we just did!

We recently had an awesome virus stroll through-seriously though, it was 2 weeks before everyone was healthy again-so it was a great time to have everything wiped down anyway.  W was finished with school, so we went to work.  He got a wet cloth and set out wiping all of the door knobs and switch plates he could find.  Then, he tracked down the appliance handles, and settled himself down in front of our glass door to wipe, well scrub, all the little fingerprints off.

Little ones learning to help.jpg

It was a simple task that he did well.  It allowed me to focus on bigger things, and it was not just a busy-job but something that actually needed to be done.  It helped him learn a little more about working hard the first time, that he is a contributing member of our family, and hopefully that someone has to clean up after him when he touches things with his sticky fingers.

It also gave him the opportunity to be proud of the effort he put into it.


Do your kids help out at your house?  What kind of things do they do?


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