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Children and Chores

Our kids learn early on about hard work.  They help clean up toys, gather branches when doing yard work, laundry, clearing their dishes.

Our oldest and middle son feed our animals and pick up the dog poop.  They all do some part of the laundry and help set the table for meals.  Everyone knows to bring their dirty dishes to the sink after a meal.  They would load the dishwasher too, if we had one!

Accomplishing these everyday tasks do quite a bit for these little people:

  • Teaches them about real life.  Things are not always fun and games.
  • Priorities.  We work first and play later.
  • Work Ethic.  If you do it right the first time, you don’t have to do it again.
  • Gives them value.  They learn they have something to contribute and that they are valuable to our family.
  • Teaches about Service.  They are beginning to learn the basics of serving others.  Right now, it may just be for their dad and I, but soon it will be for each other, friends and strangers, and one day for their spouses and children.

A helping hand

It is important in our family that everyone helps out.  That we all know we are a team.

Because when we pull together for the little things in everyday life, they will know we will pull together for the big things too.


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