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10 Things I learned after 3 Months on Trim Healthy Mama

I have been living the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle for  awhile now.  Actually, full disclosure: this is my second time!  During my first go round, before pregnancy #4, I wasn’t really thinking of changing my food lifestyle permanently.  Didn’t really commit to quitting sugar for good (this was pre-THM sweeteners, which has changed so much!).

This time around, I am wanting to fully change the things I put in my body.  As I turn, ahem, 30 this year it is beginning to get difficult to keep up with my 3 boys, and with the oldest only being 6, well that’s just not sustainable.

So, here are the 10 things I learned after 3 months on THM:

  1. Switch fuels!  I lost more weight at one time when I added oatmeal to my breakfast, instead of my usual eggs.
  2. Life change.  If you view this as a diet, you are less likely to give yourself grace.  You are changing a lifetime of habits and that’s going to take awhile.
  3. GRACE!  It’s easy to compare your progress, or lack there of, with someone else.  Remember 2 things while moving through your journey: Everyone’s body works and respond’s differently, and, your starting point may be someone else’s goal.
  4. Listen to your body.  If you’re ravenously hungry, don’t eat everything in sight, just load up on those life-giving fats.  If you know your son has a soccer game and you have to keep your other kids off the field for a whole hour, you might want to have some carbs for breakfast to keep that super-mom energy up!
  5. Drink your GGMS! Or Shrinker.  Or even mix it up with plain ol’ water!  The liquid you take in keeps you from snacking, and keeps your water weight down.
  6. Don’t run out of sweetener!  You will inevitably turn to the sugar you kept for “emergencies.”
  7. Don’t go down the cookie aisle.  Just don’t.
  8. Pre-planning makes a big difference.  Even if it’s just dinner.  Life takes over and we all get stressed.  Usually that means off-plan meals in our house.  But, that’s okay, give yourself some grace and start over in a few hours!
  9. Weekends are hard!  RIGHT?!  I tend to do well during the week, but then BAM!  it’s Saturday! Well, Friday night…that’s where the planning becomes very handy.
  10. 000 yogurts are great for snacks on the go, but Fage 0% is better for you.  It has more protein and less carbs than 000.  Take a little sweetener, peanut butter (or powder), and some chopped dark chocolate and have yourself a little probiotic filled party!

What are the other things I missed that you learned after a few months doing Trim Healthy Mama?  What advice would you give to others just beginning?


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