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Helping E-Part 3

Hey there, if you’re new to the conversation, you can catch up here.

E got his referrals and new evaluations and was set up in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy fairly quickly.  That was actually all pretty painless, the worst part was the wait.  You don’t know when the phone will ring to schedule the evaluation, and when they do call, you have to basically drop what you’re doing to make it happen to not wait another month.  Or two.

E made great progress once we got on a regular schedule of recurring appointments.  After watching significant improvements take place, it still seemed to his dad and I that something was lacking.  We decided to have a child psychologist talk to E.  After administering her tests, she concluded he has a mild form of Intellectual Disability.  His I.Q. score was 70, normal range being 85-115.  He was at the cutoff.  He was in the “borderline” category.

“Borderline” is the one word that keeps coming up when describing E.  He’s delayed, but not delayed enough.  He’s borderline.  In everything.  He’s just different enough that people notice something is off, but not enough that he won’t survive.  And that’s what E does.  He adapts and survives.  He’s resilient and usually compliant.  And, I thank God everyday that he still doesn’t know he’s different.

All of the testing and evaluations only told us what E wasn’t good at.  They didn’t tell us that he works hard everyday to get dressed, with a belt and shoes, all on his own.  They didn’t score how helpful he is and that he loves to cuddle when he first wakes up in the morning.  They couldn’t possibly know how good he is at playing hide and seek, that he loves to be tickled, or how he is fascinated with how things work and move.  That he is determined, hardworking, cheerful, and kind.  And he is smart, he just learns differently than most people do.

But I already knew all of that.

He is so much more than what any test or piece of paper tries to classify him as.  He is an amazing little boy who I thank the Lord for everyday.


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