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Trim Healthy Lunches for your Trim Healthy Man

If your husband is like mine, his work day lunches need a make over!

Jonathon has worked in construction for over 10 years and a lot of that was in the field, building homes.  Because of that physical labor he needed to eat a lot of extra calories during the day to maintain his weight and energy.

Well, as time passed he got promotions that took him out of the field and plopped him behind a desk.  But he was so used to eating and snacking all day that his weight crept up.

He has been somewhat forced to come along with me on this trim and healthy journey I have embarked on.  You see, I don’t cook separate meals for each member of our family.  In our house, you either eat what I make for meals, or you don’t eat.  Period.  Thankfully, my family hasn’t put up too much fuss with the slight meal changes, although I do get occasional comments like, “I really miss your mashed potatoes, honey.  They really are the BEST!”  So, with comments like those, we keep them around for special meals and holidays, otherwise they have been politely kicked out of our house.

Changing our meals at home was the easy part.  Lunch was the difficult task.  Specifically his lunch.  His job takes him many places throughout the day.  Sometimes he will be in his office, sometimes in the field.  Sometimes he can sit down and eat, but other times he has to eat and drive, or else he doesn’t eat.  I had to come up with things that don’t always require refrigeration or a microwave.  Which is REALLY tough during our southern summers.  This is what he will usually get when he takes his lunch to work.

Trim Healthy Lunches

  1. Sandwiches.  99% of lunch meat is 95-97% fat-free.  That means regardless of whether it is turkey or ham, you can have a sandwich on sprouted or sourdough bread.  Spread some light Laughing Cow cheese or mustard, throw on lettuce or spinach, tomatoes, onions, maybe a pickle too, and you have a healthy E lunch.  Alternately, you can remove the bread, wrap it in lettuce, use mayo and full fat cheese for an S.
  2. Tuna or chicken salad.  Canned chicken breast is a lifesaver in our house!  I use it for everyone’s lunches at least once a week.  This can be eaten alone, on Wasa Crackers, or put back into a sandwich.  Again, use lettuce wraps for an S or even Fuel Pull, depending on how you like to make your salads.
  3. Salad in a jar.  These have become popular on Pinterest, and there are even a few listed in the THM cookbook.
  4. Soup in a jar.  Really nice for cold days and super easy because I make enough for my lunch too.  But, this requires heating capabilities, unless you have a snazzy thermos like this one.
  5. Left Overs.  This is great if he’s got a microwave and fridge to use since our leftovers are automatically on plan.
  6. Drinks: My husband isn’t crazy about the sippers.  I think it’s the jar.  So, he usually sticks to water.  If he eats out at a restaurant he’ll get un-sweetened tea (proud wife moment here!).  But, Vitamin Water Zero’s are great alternatives that I have been meaning to try for him, but I keep forgetting them in the grocery store.  And my Kroger seems to always be out of them when I do remember.
  7. Extras: He usually gets a 000 yogurt, as this partially satisfies his sweet tooth.  He’s still not crazy about the sweeteners and would almost rather go without sweets, which really is saying a lot.  We don’t talk about the wrappers I find in his truck.  Anyhoo, I’ll give him some string cheese, celery sticks with peanut butter or cream cheese and olives, hard-boiled eggs, some baked blue corn tortilla chips, an “I love you” note and instructions.  Of course, he doesn’t get all of these on the same day, this is just a list of things I include depending on what his main meal is for the day.  BUT, the instructions are key.  If your husband doesn’t really understand separating his fuels, write it down for him.  “Eat this and this.  Wait for 3 hours to eat this as a snack.”  Simple and straight forward.

That’s pretty much it.  What do you send with your husband to work?  Or if you work, what easy lunches have helped you stay on track in your Trim Healthy Mama journey?

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5 thoughts on “Trim Healthy Lunches for your Trim Healthy Man

  1. These are great ideas. My hubby has been working from home for the last few years so I would usually fix him sliced lean ham with mustard, baby tomatoes with light vinegrette, baby carrots with Greek yogurt ranch dip, and a cheese stick. Then he’d eat a sugar free yogurt because he isn’t really on plan, just eating healthier because I do. But, now he goes into the office and I haven’t been good about cutting up a lot of ham or tomatoes…and all the little containers. I really like the idea of a sandwich, and having an S snack for later. That is smart! And something I can do more easily in the early hours of the morning.


  2. These are some great ideas. We are transitioning from DH working from home to going into the office. He doesn’t have a fridge or microwave, but I am thinking an E sandwich with carrots, a fruit and a yogurt for lunch, then an an S muffin to go with his afternoon coffee. Now to just get up early enough to do it. I love the idea with the note too!


    1. Sounds like a good plan! I totally hear ya on getting up early enough to do it! Sometimes I don’t get my husbands done in time, I hate that he has to eat out, but sometimes real life just gets in the way! Good luck to you!


  3. I was making a salad in a box – S salad with nuts and a fried egg or chopped bacon (to make salad more palatable for him) but he got sick of that and like your hubby, is often on the go and needs to eat while driving so doesn’t want anything that needs a fork or spoon. So now he like wraps – I make a small salad, add a slice of sandwich meat and he puts it in a wrap later (he hates it wet)- but I suspect it’s a bit high on carbs and low on salad. Another thing that works, if I get around to making them, is S ‘muffins’ which are basically veges in egg, baked in muffin pans. I include cheese and bacon to make them yummier and he likes them.
    Well done not mentioning the wrappers. I’ll try to follow your example…


    1. I hear ya with the salads, my husbands burnt out with sandwiches, even though it’s so easy I try to avoid them! Wraps are the next best thing! I wouldn’t worry too much about the few extra carbs, Pearl and Serene talk about men not fitting in the number limit like women because they naturally have more muscle mass.


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