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Beating Allergy Season, Naturally

I am not a medical professional, I am just sharing with you what has made our allergy season better.

We spend a lot of time outdoors, and Mr. W, my 6 year old, had a heck of a time last spring.  You know all those tell-tale signs that a pollen-induced attack is coming on: the sneezing and the itchy nose, and before you know it, you can barely see through your swollen, watery eyes!  My heart hurt for my poor guy!

Stopping allergies before they start

I have never had a problem with allergies, so the first few times this happened, I didn’t think much of it (way to go, Mom!).  But I began to notice a pattern of symptoms and timing between going outside and coming back in.

I didn’t want to just rush over to the drug store and get him something over the counter, besides, I wouldn’t even know where to begin with allergy medicine.  So, what’s a semi-crunchy mama to do?  Go to her trusty sidekick, Pinterest!

For his immediate relief, I found a great article from The Humbled Homemaker with a recipe using essential oils to rub on the bottom of his feet.  I used a Tbsp of virgin coconut oil (as a carrier) and added 2 drops of lavender and 2 drops of peppermint and lathered his doggies up.  That worked like a charm and lasted most of the day.  To stop his sneezing almost immediately, I have him smell the lavender bottle.

But, trusting that God made our bodies to heal themselves and work with nature and not against it, this year I really wanted to try to help his allergies, not just treat his symptoms.

The first thing we did was eat local honey all winter.  There is significant evidence that shows eating honey made by local bees, using all those local flowers that you are allergic to, helps your body not attack the pollen when it enters your system.

But, the thing I believe has really helped so far this spring is taking a probiotic capsule.

There have been several articles written within the last year about the linking of gut-health and allergies.  Really, so many different ailments are linked to our gut.  Over 70% of our immune system is in there.  That’s over 3 trillion bacteria!

Since W has never been on antibiotics, I just always assumed he had great gut health.  Giving my kids a probiotic is kind of a new thing in our house.  We’ve never really been able to afford it, but I made it a priority this winter.  Since Christmas, all three of my little men have taken a probiotic almost daily.  This is the one we use.  They take just 1 pill, daily.  This pack lasts us for 40 days.  It’s important to get a good build-up, especially if you have a reason to believe you have a significant imbalance.  They took it consecutively for the first month, then I started to slack off a bit.  Now that allergy season is here, I’ve started being more vigilant.  They all swallow it with no problem, even my 2 year old.

Not only did it help my two oldest avoid RSV when my two youngest had it in February, but I do believe it has made a huge difference in W’s ability to beat allergy season.  We still have a few weeks to go before all of the blooming is done, but with the maples, oaks, clover, and bushes already in full bloom, I have a good feeling this spring will be much more enjoyable for him.

beating allergies

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