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What Comes After a Psychological Diagnosis?

A few weeks ago I shared with you all about my middle son, E, and what we went through to get him services for his delays.

My husband and I both thought we knew what E’s diagnosis would be and were completely shell shocked with a Mild Intellectual Disability decision.  If you’re like us, we thought, “Okay.  Now what?”

What comes after a psychological diagnosis

Logistically, nothing changed.  He was already in all of the therapies that would benefit him: speech, occupational, and physical therapy.  So we just continued on as business as usual.  Others may now be able to move forward with receiving this services.

But the point of this blog is to encourage you, especially if you are currently or have been in our shoes.  So, I will always try to keep it real with ya’ll.

From the moment we left the diagnosing doctors’ office, I questioned everything I did in my pregnancy.  Actually, I was already doing that.  It must have been something I had done, or eaten, or touched, or smelled.  I blamed myself.  That’s what mamas do, right?

While I may never know what caused a change in E’s brain, I do know who caused it.

I still have to remind myself, especially on the hard days when I desperately want him to be normal, that he was wonderfully made by the Creator of Life Himself.  Even though I question everything I do as a parent, I know God doesn’t make mistakes and I can rest in that.

I continually pray that God will heal E and that he’ll wake up and not be different, that he finally “grew out of it.”

But, in the quiet of my heart, I know that he has a purpose on this planet that will glorify God and that it is beautifully intertwined with his disability.


2 thoughts on “What Comes After a Psychological Diagnosis?

  1. Wow…how did I miss your blog? I’m obviously not paying close attention to the cyber world right now. Robyn, you are a wonderful mother…trying to do the best you can for your family in truly challenging situations. You are an encouragement to the rest of us. I wish I could hug you right now. Sad to be so far away. God will keep you…He does all things well, even when we don’t understand it. Keep up the great work!
    -Carolyn T.


    1. You are so sweet and, believe it or not, I learned a lot of my mothering from you! We miss you and your wonderful family, but I trust the Lord will bring us all together again soon! Hugs and love to you all.


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