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Mr. E-One Year Later

My E has been in his therapies for about 15 months.  At his 1 year assessment with his occupational and physical therapists, they both concluded that he needed a break.

E came up in chronological age in OT 2 years in only 10 months time for his visual/motor integration.  He is actually at appropriate chronological age for VMI!  He has also made a 34% increase over the same 10 months for other motor functions as well.

PT was the same story.  He actually would have passed completely, had the evaluation not been timed.  Because E significantly lacks motor planning, he has an extremely difficult time completing tasks on a timed basis.  It takes him too long to think about what his body has to do, so he failed.  BUT, his amazing physical therapist took the time to re-test him with the time requirement and said he can do everything!  Just not fast!

Same with his speech and language re-evaluation!  His articulation has always been age-appropriate, as he has a language delay, not a speech delay.  There is a BIG difference, make sure you use the proper term when you are talking with people about your child’s delay.  His language is still significantly behind his peers, however he has made the equivalent gains of 13 months in only 9 months time.

This is all excellent news for our little guy.  He is growing and learning and making progress forward still.  Trying to remember where he was a year ago, and comparing him to today is extreme.  I can have a conversation with my son now.  Last year was just yeses or nos.  He’s asking questions and actually expressing his thoughts.  He runs like his brothers do and is even trying to skip.  His writing is improving and he is using scissors to cut paper instead of tearing it.

E has been attending speech for 1/2 hour every week, and OT/PT for 1/2 hour each every other week.  We work together at home as often as we can.  Sometimes that is every day, sometimes it’s not.  My children spend their time doing what’s best for children-playing.  So much of his delay is wrapped up in everyday life skills and a lot of what he should be practicing between sessions takes care of itself through regular play.

We are so happy with this last years’ progress and are looking forward to where he will be next year.


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