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Things My Kids Make Me Say

I am a mom to 4 adorable little kiddos.  Yes, my hands are full, which I am constantly reminded of whenever I go in to public; mom’s of more than 2 kids-you know what I’m talking about!

Adorable as they may be, they have been known to force me to say things that I never, EVER thought I would say to another human being.  I don’t know why, but I am still surprised when I hear myself speak sometimes and I can only imagine the conversations my neighbors have when they over hear me talking to my boys…

While most of these are because I have 3 boys, I’m sure some of this may apply to girls too.  Though, I may end up with an entirely different list when my girl gets older…we’ll see, so stay tuned.

Here is a very small part of that unending list:

My 3 sons.  Aren’t they fashionable?
  1. Do NOT lick your brother.
  2. Stop with the fart jokes, PLEASE.
  3. “Poop” is not appropriate table talk.
  4. Thank you for NOT peeing on your brother.
  5. Stop sniffing your brothers bottom.
  6. Yes, son, I CAN smell your fart.
  7. No, son, I do NOT want to smell your armpit.  Or your feet.
  8. Put. Your. Penis. Away.
  9. No, it’s not okay to run your brother over with the Power Wheels Jeep.
  10. If you keep pointing it up, you’re going to pee on your head.
  11. Please, please, PLEASE, let me use the bathroom alone.
  12. Do not eat your toenails.
  13. Seriously, stop saying poop.
  14. Who ate the ENTIRE stick of butter?!
  15. Those are your nipples.  Stop pinching them.


What crazy things have you found yourself telling your littles?


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