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Feeding 6 People on $600 per Month

Feeding a large family will get expensive fast!  When I stray from the things I talk about below, I find our food bill quickly going out of control.  Typically, I average about $150 per week.  Sometimes a few dollars more, sometimes a few dollars less.  And, yes, that DOES usually include the other misc. household… Continue reading Feeding 6 People on $600 per Month

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Home Schooling with Younger Siblings

This is my third year homeschooling.  I am no where NEAR experienced in this department, but I do still have a little experience.  Our oldest son is in 2nd grade, and we have a kindergartener, a 3-year-old, and a 16 month old. The biggest problem I encounter, and the most frequent question I hear is: “What do… Continue reading Home Schooling with Younger Siblings